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Solar plant greenhouse
Solar plant greenhouses, including solar collectors, reservoirs, planting boxes, water pumps, floor heaters and biogas tanks, said solar plant greenhouses are equipped with two or more greenhouses, arranged in a pyramid shape; heating insulation pipes are installed in the middle of the greenhouses , The heating insulation pipe is connected with the solar heat collector and the floor heater; the reservoir is connected with the solar heat collection pipe and the floor heater, and the watering device is arranged above the planting box, and the watering device is connected to the reservoir through a water pump. The utility model provides A solar plant greenhouse has a simple structure and easy installation. It can make full use of solar energy, geothermal energy, and biogas energy. It solves the serious shortage of land resources that currently exist in rural areas in China and the problem that various energy sources cannot be fully utilized in agricultural production. , So that the renewable energy can be greatly used, and the waste of coal, electricity and water resources is reduced.
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