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Glass greenhouse leads the new trend of industry development

This kind of greenhouse has very good thermal insulation properties, and it can be used for off-season vegetable production or crop cultivation in the cold winter in northern regions, so it is also very popular. The good thermal insulation performance and practicability of the solar greenhouse benefit from its thick wall structure. The wall is generally made of soil. During construction, the wall is usually covered with a layer of non-woven fabric and then sprayed with cement mortar. , It looks more beautiful.

Standard solar greenhouses are generally about 100 meters long from east to west, and the internal front and rear spans are generally 10 meters. Except for the wall part of the solar greenhouses, the front roofs are now mostly made of all-steel frame structure, strong and reliable, and covered with drip-proof greenhouses. Use PO film and quilt plus roller blinds and so on. The cost of such a solar greenhouse is more than less than 100,000, and the cost of contracting labor and materials is between 40,000 and 50,000 per mu. If the configuration is appropriately reduced, the cost of this kind of greenhouse can be lower, about 40,000 per mu of land.

Due to the needs of use, the front and rear spans of this type of solar greenhouse can also be made into 8 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters or more, and the cost of one mu will be different but not large.

2. Arched film greenhouse

This arched greenhouse is also widely used, and it is widely used in planting, cultivation, seedling cultivation and breeding in the central, southern and northern regions of my country in early spring and late autumn. According to the difference in structure and function, the cost of one mu of land is also very different, mainly due to the difference in the skeleton structure and labor costs: the simpler one mu has a lower cost, and the more complicated one has a higher cost.

Film vegetable greenhouse

The picture above is a commonly used simple arch shed with labor and materials. The cost of an acre is about 17,000, which is less than 20,000 yuan.

Film multi-span greenhouse

This is a multi-span film greenhouse with labor and materials. The cost of one acre is about 66,000.

Multi-span film greenhouse

If the application requirements are higher, the film greenhouse can also be made to a higher standard. This kind of multi-span modern film greenhouse, contract labor and materials, cost about more than 100,000 points per acre, and can install internal and external shading systems and thermal insulation systems. , Automatic irrigation, fertilization system, etc., to realize modern agricultural production.

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