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Intelligent greenhouse vegetable greenhouse construction
With the rapid development of facility gardening, intelligent greenhouses (usually referred to as multi-span greenhouses or modern greenhouses) have emerged. It is an advanced type of facility agriculture and has a comprehensive environmental control system that can directly adjust indoor temperature, Many factors such as light, water, fertilizer, gas, etc., can achieve high-yield, steadily fine vegetables and flowers throughout the year, with good economic benefits.
    What is a smart greenhouse
    Smart greenhouses are also called automated greenhouses. They are equipped with computer-controlled movable skylights, sunshade systems, heat preservation, wet curtains/fan cooling systems, sprinkler irrigation systems or drip irrigation systems, mobile seedbeds and other automated facilities, based on the agricultural greenhouse environment. High-tech "smart" greenhouse. The control of the intelligent greenhouse generally consists of three parts: a signal acquisition system, a central computer, and a control system.
    Smart greenhouse is valuable in "control system"
    The "central system" of the intelligent greenhouse is the intelligent greenhouse monitoring system. It is composed of sensors, automated control systems, communications, computer technology and expert systems. By pre-installing suitable environmental parameters required for the growth of a variety of crops, it builds an intelligent soft and hard platform for greenhouses to achieve control of the temperature, humidity, light, and temperature in the greenhouse. Automatic monitoring and control of carbon dioxide, nutrient solution and other factors.
    Factors such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, soil temperature and water content in the greenhouse play a key role in the growth of greenhouse crops. The greenhouse automation control system is based on PLC, and uses a computer distributed network control structure to control the air temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, soil moisture, light intensity, water flow, PH value, EC value and other parameters in the greenhouse. Real-time automatic adjustment and detection create the best environment for plant growth and make the environment in the greenhouse close to the ideal value artificially envisaged to meet the needs of greenhouse crop growth and development. It is suitable for seedling breeding, high-yield planting, rare and precious flower cultivation and other places to increase the output of greenhouse products and increase labor productivity. It is a successful example of modern agriculture with high-tech achievements serving large-scale production.
    The computer operator inputs the data and control parameters required by the crops to the computer, and the system can realize unmanned automatic operation. The data collected by the computer can be accurately displayed and counted, providing a reliable basis for expert decision-making. The control cabinet is equipped with a manual/automatic switch, and manual control operation can be carried out when necessary.
    How does the greenhouse monitoring system work
    The computer collects various environmental parameters through sensors, combines the knowledge of the agricultural expert system, makes decisions and issues instructions, and controls the irrigation system, temperature control system, humidity control system, internal and external Equipment such as shading and supplementary lighting systems are controlled to create environmental conditions suitable for the growth and development of crops and achieve the goal of high-yield, high-quality and efficient production.
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